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ideanaire brands is a centralized hub of innovative business ventures with cultural development at the core of our values.


welcome to ideanaire brands!

we're a management company that creates dope and innovative platforms aligned with networking, marketing and entrepreneurship ran by a creative badass called the ideanaire. we launch businesses with a goal to create more ideanaires that build brands on the foundation of creative strategy.

Creative Space


get to know the ideanaire

hey, i'm Natasha! a creative force with 19 years of experience in creative strategy, marketing, human resources, business management and real estate. i've gather experiences from nightlife promotions and corporate America to becoming an ideanaire (a person who creates million dollar ideas). 

from developing organizational structure ground up with funding and operational parameters for continued success to relationship building and creative problem-solving, I have the superpower to provide a clear understanding of complex business needs. my brands (My Networking Apparel, Fck Work but Ima Go™ podcast, and The Bread Aisle® agency) are all testimonies that support my stance as the original ideanaire.

i want to inspire people in business to create brands that are memorable and impactful. So, i launched my own businesses with a goal to create more ideanaires that build brands on the foundation of creative strategy.


the big bang theory

in the middle of 2020, i was getting ready to launch my newest business venture "The Bread Aisle" with a dope workshop called "The Branding Bunch" featuring 9 amazing experts to deep dive about branding. as i get ready to launch a teaser case study on social media, Instagram removed my account. at the time, my handle was my full name which i'm glad it happened in hindsight because it caused me to marry all of my platforms.


i thought really long about going back to Instagram and starting over.  they finally gave me my account back after about 2 weeks and during that time the ideanaire was born. pivoting into growth marketing during the pandemic not knowing how passionate i would be about creative strategy and project management, was just what my career ordered. creating ideanaire brands allowed me to manage all my brands in one place all while helping others make their ideas happen.

welcome to ideanaire brands where we make our ideas happen. i look forward to inspiring you to make your ideas happen!

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