Here are some frequently asked questions that I get asked often so don't think your question isn't worth asking. If your question isn't frequently asked, please complete my contact form below and we will get back to you within 48-hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work with you?

There are a few ways you can work with me depending on your budget.


  • YouTube Channel - Ideanaire

  • Blog - Full of Ideas

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

  • Podcast - Fck Work but Ima Go

  • Morning Affirmations - Text WAKENBAKE to 55469

  • Brand With Me Thursdays - Text IDEANAIRE to 31996


  • My Networking Shirt - $25+

  • Pre-Made Bread/ Canva Templates - $50

  • The Bread Basket Physical Books + Digital Bonuses - $129

  • Pick My Brain Video Conference Call Session - $250


  • One-Man Brand Audit Session - $425

  • 7 Ways to Make Bread (6-Week Course) - $597


  • The Bakery Branding 1 on 1 Services - $8,000+

  • The Bakery Publishing 1 on 1 Services - $1200+

What's the difference between WAKENBAKE and IDEANAIRE text message service?

WAKENBAKE text alert is my morning influential text message to help you make sh*t happen everyday. If you need help with waking up in the morning then this is it! This is the one!

IDEANAIRE text communities are for Entrepreneurs that have ideas but not quite the tools and resources to make them happen. Are you looking for a communities that is willing to learn and share what they're learning.

What's Fck Work but Ima Go podcast about? 

Fck Work but Ima Go is a top 20 ranking United States Career podcast with two HR Professionals that provides professionally ratchet audio content with vent sessions, career topics, employment laws and drug stories. With different backgrounds in human resources and career development, Natasha and Jenna are becoming HR 4 the Culture aka the Minority Millennial Union. On Fck Work but Ima Go, they will keep you entertained, educated, and empowered while you play like you’re working each and every Monday. Make sure you listen to the end and bow your heads for our work prayer. It’s not their fault if you lose your job laughing out loud at our vent sessions and drug test stories!

What's My Networking Apparel about?

My Networking Apparel is an apparel brand that makes it easy to get the conversation started everywhere you go. Our pieces serve as the ice breaker that creates a professional culture for ambitious entrepreneurs to connect, grow, and empower each other through diversity, collaboration, and like-mindedness.We strive to replace the 6 degrees of separation with being 1 networking shirt away from someone you should know. Let's get you connected with people that are interested in what you do!

What's The Bread Aisle about?

The Bread Aisle is a Branding and Publishing Creative Agency that helps hard working professional make bread (money) from the ideas they're cooking up in their heads with a dope branding recipe. We focus on our 4 strategies business development, brand development, product development and commerce development. The Bread Aisle has an educational component called "The Branding Institute" to teach the methodology of branding to Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Coaches, Speakers and Business Owners. 


Which service do you recommend?

I honestly do not know what services to recommend you and your brand without doing a complete audit on where you are right now within your business. Please sign up for a One-Man Brand Audit Session so that I can take a deep dive into your business needs. 

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