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Multi-Business Owner | Author | Speaker | Creative | Black Woman in Tech 

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As an Illmatic Entrepreneur, Natasha Hall grew from nightlife promotions and corporate America to becoming an Ideanaire (a person who creates million dollar ideas). She is the genius and driving force behind ideas that help others grow in what they do.

Natasha’s constant flair for reinvention has given her a competitive edge that propels her and her clients to the next level. Creating mastermind business ideas is her gift. Her trademark Ask Me What I Do®, Fck Work but Ima Go™ podcast, and The Bread Aisle™ branding agency are all testimonies that support her stance as the Original Ideanaire.

While balancing motherhood and her brands, Natasha is continues to be a walking vision and is fanatically focused on conquering the world. As Natasha evolves to the next level she strives to plant seeds that her lineage will endlessly reap.


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The Bread Aisle

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I remember one specific time that I was sitting back and waiting on God to make an idea happen. My grind mode on 10% and my power was CUT OFF! I was crying to God like "you told me to just ask" and He said "I told you to ask and then go get it." He said "Jesus Christ Natasha! I gave you the idea, you want me to do the work too?"

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Shesshhh, he didn’t say it like that exactly but you get the point. He pushed me out of my comfort zone from talking about my ideas to working my ideas everyday because my goals were waiting on me to show up!


Too many people are manifesting goals, sitting on those goals and waiting on God to make them happen. Hope & Prayer isn't a strategy! 


You have to write down the idea, make a plan for the idea, put a deadline on the idea and then get to work!

"Ideanaires refuse to sit back and watch somebody else pursue their dreams!" It's time for you to activate the Law of Attraction and make your ideas happen everyday to become the CEO of your life!



“Utilize God's principles to empower her family, friends, and young girls to become effective members in society.”


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