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the future of networking

hi - It’s time to change the way you experience networking. Welcome to My Networking Apparel - not just another clothing line, our apparel takes the awkwardness out of making new connections in everyday outings.

Make connections easier. We are a brand community that makes networking more organic with conversational starter apparel.
Founded by Natasha in 2018, an
Ideanaire (Networking & Marketing Strategist) that understands the power of having a network. With each conversation starter, you wear your personal brand and become an ambassador for the networking lifestyle. At My Networking Apparel, we see a World where networking is accessible and inclusive. Now is the time we got you dressed in the future of networking!

We’re changing the way people feel and experience networking together through networking prompt clothing. Introverts, extroverts, creatives, entrepreneurs - we've got you covered.
In the digitally connected world, I've built My Networking Apparel into a business that helps thousands chat, collaborate, and make authentic connections.So what's next for My Networking Apparel? Global domination with 1 million networkers, of course! Imagine our designs creating conversations from Times Square to Tokyo.
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