Becoming Bossy Tour w/ The Lifestyle Professor

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The Girl Boss Starter Kit launched a College Tour "Becoming Bossy" for Girl Bosses that are ready to build their businesses in the media and entertainment industry. Guess who was invited? Yesssss.. OMG! I was invited and it was such a dope opportunity to speak with young ladies at Georgia State University and Clark-Atlanta University.

A few gems that I dropped while there:

  • A skill that you need to pitch your business is not necessary a skill but a characteristic that you must own which is CONFIDENCE. If you're not confidence about your business or brand, what would make people want to buy it?

  • When going into a business partnership you don't have to give the person 50% of the business. If they are an investor you can agree to pay them back what they invested within a time period and give them a small percentage of the business

  • You can negotiate what you want in any of your contracts when you go work with any corporation as a Contractor.

Too many times I go and speak at places where I'm changing my hats to share my expertise. It's a profound blessing to be able to encourage people on so many things because my knowledge is so diverse. Until next year Girl Bosses!

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