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Becoming the CEO of My Life

Learning the love of self can be so selfishly rewarding. I went from one toxic relationship to a toxic entanglement in the midst of trying to balance full-time parenting and how to be a multi-business owner. It was stressful and depressing. I gave up on so many projects trying to regroup.

Spreading myself thin was weighing on me and my God spreading my money thin was just making me make moves outside of character. Just struggling to be struggling.

I came in this year knowing I had to focus on myself in doing that, how I view dating and friendships are different. I want to love people without rules but with principles based upon our communication and mutual expectations. The value that I have doesn’t allow room for things that will throw off my peace or my PH balance.

There is nothing like being able to sleep at night knowing you did all that you could and gave all that you could offer. Everyday you’re pushing your limits and challenging God for more. My personal life was a challenge and now I’m becoming a CEO of my life!

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