Can we talk about Beyonce for a sec?

Just finished watching the Mom, the Mogul, the Mover & Shaker and the Mastermind.... Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. She said she put all her mistakes and experience of 22 years into her Homecoming. She spent countless hours with all her teams to put this together. Her biggest lesson was pushing herself past her own capacity.

Let's talk about capacity. I learned that, "God will give you more than you can bear, " that how you expand your capacity. Beyonce said that she pushed past her own capacity with all the training, practicing, producing and leading that she did right after postpartum. I'm trying to tell you, I bounced back after postpartum physically but mentally and emotionally? I did not have the strengthen she had.

People don’t understand the work you put in or how much you really play a part in putting together what you present to the world. She worked for months on research, presentation, production, managing her show crew, practice, being a wife and being a mom. She selected down to how many rhinestones would go on the outfits, she's the true definition of a leader that grinds and leads.

I just learned so much sauce and watched her literally introduce our culture to an audience that have never had it but love the culture so much.

Beyoncé dealt with mommy guilt, she dealt with impostor syndrome, she dealt with sacrifice and she dealt with meeting her goals.

bruuhhh! I’m out worked, I’ve found my matched, I’ve identified a new meaning to making people put some respect on your name!

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