Celebrate Yourself This Month!

The Lifestyle Professor

It’s July and we are officially over the first half the year. You’ve realized that there are some goals you haven't accomplished or somethings you wanted to do you haven’t started.

Well let’s evaluate what you have done for a second.

Have you thought about the good that comes out of those things? Maybe it’s a delay in those things because you need to be focused on something else.

I believe in fate so timing is everything for me. I challenge you to CELEBRATE YOURSELF THIS MONTH. Somebody didn’t wake up today or a family member you know is on their last but you’ve made it one more month!

Can I testify for a minute, last year I wanted to do something so awesome for my birthday but didn’t have a dime to my name to even think about a celebration. I decided to have a Roast & Toast at BQE (Atlanta) right before comedy night which didn’t cost me anything but my friends came out and celebrated with me. They didn’t know where I was in life but I needed to celebrate myself for a minute because everything I was going through was only temporary.

Life is revolving continuously. Don’t get caught up in the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve because you CAN at any moment, any minute, any hour just do it!

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