Certified Women-Owned SB

So excited to finally announce the good news I've been working on for my businesses.

As of April 1st, one of my businesses has officially become Certified as a Women-Owned Small Business by the Small Business Administration. I have a few more certifications in the works; however, this process was very informative. Have you ever thought that your business was all the way together? Well try to start working with the government.

There were so many tedious action items that had to be in place to become compliant.

I'm so excited about this new addition to my journey!

What does this mean for you? Being considered a Federal Contractor means opportunities for skilled people that can get the work done. If you're an Entrepreneur in my B-Suite Membership Community and I need your services to get the Contract complete, I'll be reaching out to you. Isn't that exciting?! 

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