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Client Launch Alert: Cute Cappin'

I’m always excited about client launches like it’s my brand 😂😂😂.

🎉 Congratulations to the CEO of Cute Cappin' as we launched her brand from Vision to Production on Friday, October 12th on Instagram Live!🎊

Cute Cappin' is a wig unit attached to an adjustable dad 🧢 to save women from bad hair days and supporting women suffering from hair loss. With the Cute Cap it offers 100% Human Hair that you can flip, braid, crinkle, curl or straighten. It’s available in Black for the following lengths: 12” inches, 14” inches and 16” inches.

✨ As the Product Producer and Strategist, I was able to assist her with business development, content curation and product branding/marketing.

Check out Cute Cappin' on Instagram @cutecappinofficial and check out her website

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