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Do What YOU Have to Do

So many people counted me out because I boldly stepped into each season doing what was my divine assignment and kept saying she’s all over the place. I was told too many times to focus on one thing. That I won’t be successful!

During 2008-2011 I was in HR, I was Leasing Apartments, I was a Receptionist at a Tax Office, I was working with the Radio Station, I was promoting parties, I had my own campus organization at CSU, I was working for SAC at CSU & I was doing artist development and business coaching.

During 2012-2015 I was a community activist and I was battling with my location. People told me not to move and quitting my job of 9 years was foolish to relocate to Atlanta. I went in a shell and did nothing as an entrepreneur because I had been told I wouldn’t make it.

During 2016-2019 I launched a mobile app, I published my first book, I began career coaching, I became a Certified Career Coach, I had a baby, I got my first Leadership position, I became a full-time entrepreneur and so much more.

I struggled with listening to people that haven’t been where I was going and trying to be humble because people didn’t think I deserved to be confident in who I am.

The point of this post is that you have got to do what you have to do to get to where you trying to go. People will never understand why you are the way you are or why you’re doing what you’re doing. My entire platform has come full circle and you’ll see how all my businesses align with each other. I was confused and stressed out but as my Pastor Anthony Murray would say God didn’t say get prepared he said get in position. I just took on opportunities that my spirit wouldn’t let me NOT do. My story still building so stay tuned!

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