Fck Work Podcast - 2 Year Anniversary

People told me @fckworkpodcast idea was a no go!

For my new followers my background is HR. I committed 14 years of my life to protecting companies and creating processes that most of them still utilize today. I retired from HR & Corporate America over 2 years ago. I was too much for them. My ideas were too big for those cubicles!

During my last year in Corporate America, I really wanted to do a podcast to share my HR knowledge. People told me the title was bad for business and that it wouldn’t be a good look for my platform. I hit up @_jennjuice (MBA Bae) if you listen to our podcast and begged her to do it with me! She made me wait a year and I told her I wasn’t doing it without her.

We knew it was IT when we recorded our first practice episode and she told the “they stole my bacon out the oven story.” Y’all 😂😂😂😂

Two years ago today we launched a funny and educational podcast that would help sooooooo many people feel seen and heard at work!

Why Monday? It’s the weekly motivation for me!

Special thank you to all our guest these past 2 years @jobbingwithjas@jae.anderson.ent@theoliviapopeofhr@maximizher_thebrand@heavenhookfin@ms_lindalou

Anyway almost 50,000 downloads globally, we’re ready to next level this platform! It’s our Podcast Anniversary!

Thank you to our listeners! It means the World to us!

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