Fck Work Podcast Live Recording

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Natasha and Jenna goes LIVE in Atlanta at the dope ass Gucci Loft bringing life to out Fck Work but Ima Go podcast.

We had a round table discussion with about 25 listeners in an intimate setting about entitlement in the workplace and how to handle retaliation even when HR is not on your side. There are policies in place for harassment from co-workers but what about from customers/clients.

Being Advocates for HR but also being a Millennial in the workforce is at time hard to balance. Trust me we understand!

If you don't know anything about drug test, you have to use the same sex and age range!! Make sure you check out Episode 106 to hear the live show. We'll be coming to a city near you in 2019.

Major thank you to @favorsandflavors_ga for sponsoring the delicious food at our first LIVE event!

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