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How to Spiritually Manage your Stress

Natasha Hall @ Amelia's Island

I know when you are at your lowest the last thing you want people to say is pray about it. So, I’m telling you to write it all down. Sometimes we need to read or speak out what our problems are so that God can deliver his message properly back to us.

  • A life hack that cost less than a psychiatric or a therapist was to write it out!

  • Simply write down all of your problems no matter how big or small

  • Beside each problem write down one solution and identify how did this even become a problem

  • After that, rip up all the paper you wrote on and throw it in a trash bag

  • Find the near dumpster and throw about the trash bag

  • There goes all of your problems, let someone carry those things

The purpose of this exercise is to identify the root of your problems, assess your problems, and see what you can do to resolve the problems. Do not be afraid to ask for help! In today’s society extending a hand to someone that’s wanting to get on their feet is priceless.

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