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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I had an impactful time at Marketing and Millennial Atlanta hosted by @derin.lindsey on Friday, January 24th from 7pm-10pm. I was on a dope panel with some great speakers ( @jpdesignsart @itpaystoknowbrittanyjack @blackmensbeard @iamnatashahall @joshdingle)

Here are some gems I dropped at Marketing and Millennial Atlanta event:

How to get Customers?

Drive your potential customers through your follow up game, Stop being lazy, start selling your products/services and give your target audience what they want!

Your money is in your follow up game. If you do not follow up with people that have shown interest in your business, you will not secure the bag! Some people will shop with you on impulse others want to scope you out before they buy.

How to markets to your Customers?

Understanding the difference between personal brands and business brands. I had to evaluate my branding to create a better marketing strategy was the first step.

Use trends to give people what they need. When I say you need to name or sell a product that’s relatable to your business as well as relevant to what’s going on. My podcast is called Fck Work but we don’t vent the whole podcast. We educate, entertain and empower 9to5ers!

Final tip to the Audience:

There are 7 billion people in the world! Do not get discouraged or think everybody is doing what you’re offering. You’re the first in your target reach, just do it!

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