Mentee II Bawse Experience Official Launch

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

September 18, 2018, I extended myself to 9 young ladies that were interested in being my mentees. I instantly said yes but didn’t truly think through how the HELL 😩😩😩 I was going to extend myself to so many women at one time with everything else I have going on. I talked to God about it and he blessed me with the name, “Mentee II Bawse.”

This past weekend we had our first meetup with Diamond Hill and Tiara Johnson as they gave them a individualize group experience. They really poured into these young ladies and gave them the key parts to entrepreneurship. I was sooooo excited that they were able to experience this with Tiara and Diamond because these young ladies helped me.

As we enter into Month 2 with 6 Mentees left at the table. I am challenging them to become a CEO in all walks of life.

Create your own reality that you want people to see of you in the world.

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