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Preparing your Business + Customers for the Coronavirus

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Now is the time to start thinking of a continuity plan and/or exit strategy for your business. With the Coronavirus impacting international businesses, conferences, sports, schools and your local grocery store it's time to start putting processes in place to protect your business assets until the World gets back to business as usual.

What if my business is only online how can I prepare myself? If you have an online business and sell products, the postal system maybe been an issue. The work around would be to offer specials, discounts and gift cards while time being by marketing as much as you can.

I have a storefront, how can I prepare myself? Make sure that you have your inventory updated on your website and start running ads to your in-store shoppers especially if your customers will be in quarantine. Make sure that you have hand sanitizer stations all over your store. Protect your employees at all cost and give incentives to them for being on the front line during this time.

My vendors are overseas, how will I get more products? This is the time for you to start building relationships in your country. As a small business it's completely understandable that you can't stock up, as any Fortune 500 company that runs out of something they have access to a supplier locally to keep business going.

This is the time to use those strategies and systems that I talk about in every email to survive this deadly weapon that's cancelling businesses, conferences, entertainment and schools around the World. Just because you have a small business means that it's going to directly impact you sooner than later. If you stay ready, you never have to get ready!

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