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Punta Cana owes me nootthhiinngg!!!

I had an amazing time utilizing my passport in Dominican Republic. I literally decided that I deserved a break and booked a trip less than 48-hours to Punta Cana. I know whaaaaat???? But I wanted to do something different and I wanted to go out of the country.


The life lessons I learned while on this trip:

  • Teach my child a second language as other countries require their citizens to learn English as a second language. Most people from other countries know more than 2. Whhyyyy are Americans so behind?

  • Your strength should be like a palm tree. No matter how light or heavy the storm, palm trees will bend but never break. If I stand strong no matter what’s thrown my way, I will be victorious!

  • Being at my lowest shouldn’t be the only time I’m ready to hustle hard or focus on my dreams. Go harder every time you level up!

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