RECAP: The Branding Bunch Virtual Workshop

The Branding Bunch Virtual Workshop was nothing short of amazing. First of all it was SOLD OUT!!

There were 42 attendees, 8 creatives and 1 host. We gave away some free screens to some of our clients as tokens of appreciation.

We opened up the event with the game 'Never Have I Ever' and they were business/career related questions. Like Never Have I Ever stole a pen from work lol! Yeah it allowed me to learn a little bit more about the panelist.

Each panelist was given the chance to answer 3 questions specific to their expertise. We learned so much about not needing glitter in their logos, the difference between national/international trademark, copy you need to write a brand voice, collective content you need to build profitable websites for personal brands and service providers, strategies you need to convey your brand story and protection you need to legally build a high-profit brand with a solid foundation.

Natasha had a fake intermission by spinning the wheel with all the attendees name on it to giveaway Small Business Grants. They gave away a $150 Small Business Grant to an attendee (Kia Franklin) and Kiara Nelson gave away a $150 to another attendee (Michelle Tindal).

Kia Franklin (

What started as a way to unwind & release on a more intentional basis bloomed into Rock Wit Me LLC. Our scented soy goodies and self care products invite you to detach from reality and travel through scents which ultimately help to accentuate your mood. Let us help you relax and reset as we strive to become the world's most loved and most sought after mood enhancement company by valuing our partners and offering one of a kind experiences.

Michelle Tindal (

My optimistic spirit and genuine interest in people serve as the motivation behind Michelle Tindal Consulting Group.  Our goal is to help others grow and achieve success in their professional endeavors.  Whether it's reaching that promotion making a career shift, Michelle Tindal Consulting Group is here to help you prepare for next! Our services include: Career Coaching,  Resume Revisions, Personal and Professional Bios, and Interview Prep Sessions.

After the intermission, we had Q&A from our attendees. This workshop was tooooooo lit!!

Major thank you to all the speakers and attendees for committing 2 hours to this event.

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