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Sip and Speak Atlanta

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I had an impactful time at Sip and Speak Atlanta hosted by @miss_krysta_on Saturday, January 25th from 12:30pm-4pm. I was on a dope panel with some great speakers ( @wondrea @millennialfinancial @justplaincope). #SipandSpeak was an interactive goal-setting and networking brunch for those who are ready to pursue purpose and maximize their gifts. This year’s theme is focusing on The Big 3: Clarity, Confidence and Consistency.

Here are some gems I dropped at Sip and Speak Atlanta event:

  • Work life balance is what you make it. Use the same technique you use on your 9to5 with your business. Give yourself PTO! Create a reasonable work schedule. My father once told me, “Tasha you’re a Boss, manage your life!”

  • It's not un-human to feel fear, you will deal with it everyday. Having fear is nothing you can do away with! I have anxiety everyday because having a business is a risk! You have to face fear everyday and understand your why to defeat!

  • We transition our side-hustles and hobbies into businesses and we struggle once our family and friends have stopped buying or it's time to start expanding. You need to create a plan and strategy to scale your business for the next level.

We also had a table for My Networking Apparel to help the Entrepreneurs get the conversation started about what they do!

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