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Summer Toast - Ladies Who Brunch ATL

I had a great time with my business bestie Brandy (@thebrandyk) at the Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta hosted by Rachie Babie. On the panel was SupaCent, CEO of Crayon Case and Janelle Stephens, CEO of Camille Rose; whom are both millionaires in the beauty industry.

Some things that Janelle Stephens spoke about was securing generational wealth and money management. She talked about not purchasing flashy things because she's focused on securing the future for her children. Money management is important to not only your personal life but the success of your business.

With generational wealth some things that I've put in place are published books, investments, multiple business ventures, learning new skills, offering services and so much more.

Some things that SupaCent spoke about was making $1 million in 90-minutes and how she got started with makeup. She talked about starting as entertaining the masses on Vine then being booked for shows and needing makeup while on the road. As she grew her following demanded for her makeup techniques in which birth the Crayon Case.

My Networking Apparel put "Ask Me What I Do" pink buttons in 100 bags and it was quite the conversation starter.

Free wine, free desserts, free goody bags and free game was really dope.

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