Teach Kids Entrepreneurship Tour: Macon, GA

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Today I had the pleasures of teaching some young ladies at the L.H. Williams Recreation Center how to start a business at the Young Women Empowered Summit!

Teaching Entrepreneurship doesn't always have to be in a classroom structure. I grouped 28 young ladies in 4 different groups and they teamed together to make a business idea profitable. The key to this exercise was to encourage teamwork, networking, critical thinking, problem solving and ownership. ⁣ I gave each group a $5,000 investment to start their business. Each group had a volunteer to be the business owner and they had to put the other group members on payroll. We then went through the "Start a Business" worksheet to calculate an estimated price for products/services, added up legal services and then came up with the many ways to sell them.⁣ ⁣ Starting a Business doesn’t have an one for all guide! It’s so important to start having the conversation with our Youth on the responsibilities of ownership.

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