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Teach Kids Entrepreneurship Tour: Union City, GA

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I want to thank my sis @jessicawilliamsceo for allowing me to come and speak with her 8th grade students! I was blown away with so many of them wanting to be in professions we NEED and not professions that look good on social media. I even met a few students who had businesses already.

I was able to discuss with them the social media platforms they should be using, giving them advice that was given to me when I was there age such as:

  • The lame kids will be the wealthy people you know because their focused on what they like doing no what others have to say

  • Getting a college degree doesn't mean you can't use your education to work for yourself or have your own practice

  • You can be whatever you want to be, there's no such thing as impossible

One of the questions that was asked, "How do you stay motivated through a tough time in business?"

This was one of the best questions, I've ever been asked and to think it was asked by a 13 year old. Nonetheless I answered, "It's hard motivating yourself but one thing I've learned over time is that if I don't get up everyday and go to work I won't meet my goals. If that's not enough motivation, Entrepreneurship may not be for you."

Your goals wait for no one!

Parents do not hesitate to allow your children to use their gifts as many ways as possible. Creativity should be challenged with our children so that they can be outside of the box thinkers, inventors and cure finders. Our parents wanted us to be Presidents and now we have to want our children to be CEOs, Inventors and Thought Leaders!

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