The DMV loved I was from the South!

I had such an amazing time in the DMV this past weekend. I took my super dope little sister (blood sister) Octavia which is also my hairstylist with me. This was my first time in Maryland and D.C., so I made sure we did some things that we've never done before.

Randomly enough, we went out on Saturday night to Rose Bar which was too lit might I add and rode rideshare (Uber), We picked up locals headed home from work or to some bars on the same street we were going. The Uber driver played Jasmine Sullivan's album "Fearless" in rotation and he SET THE MOOODDDDDDD!!!

Being around a different breed of black millennials was a breath of fresh air. I'm reaadddyyyyy to move (not forreal but that's how I felt). It was motivational.

They loovvveeedddd that we were from the South and anybody that knows me knows I'm super country.

I ate Blue Crab for the first time and the experience was mind blowing. The waitress couldn't give us a real tutorial but we made it work with what she explained. Imagine two snow crab leg eating chicks trying to figure out how to eat Blue Crab. It was a messsssss!

All and all my first visit to the DMV was well worth it. Make sure you check out my next blog about the Mamas Who Brunch event.

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