Trumps of tomorrow?

Can we say before my time? In 2004, I was featured on the front page of the local newspaper as the “Trumps of tomorrow?” We were winners at Georgia State Level for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). This became the initial ingredient to becoming the brand I am today! The 🤯 of the picture, I placed 2nd amongst all the high schools in Georgia for “Desktop Publishing.” Creating designs (business cards, letterhead, flyers and business proposals) for a business they gave us. Talk about alignment for your assignment! Ima let y’all let that marinate while I talk about what God had been cooking up!⁣

2 years ago today, I was let go of my job in Corporate America because of “Performance” however my evaluation a month prior was a 4.0. That day I had on a tropical shirt and white pants because @danekiasmith had made a video a few weeks before talking about why millionaires wear tropical print shirts! I was inspired because July is always my renewal month. I was stepping into becoming a Millionaire! I posted this today as a #tbt but it was more or so a back from the future! I was never meant to retire from Corporate America, I was created to build my own in Corporate America. ⁣Sometimes the let go has to be the throttle you needed to power your engine in your new season!

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