Unplugging all Week!

Have you ever felt like you were drowning in all the things around you that you felt like you were missing something? Yeah that’s your peace of mind!

You won’t catch me on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn) this week or watching my favorite shows (Shooter, Queen of the South, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Insecure, or Power,) until I gain my peace of mind back. So it will be my nighttime journal and vision planner guide all week long.

Vision Planner Guide
Captured by yasminwattsphotography.com

I used to be so in tuned with myself that whatever God needed me to do, I would just do it and be right on it. Now I can’t even tell where some of moves are coming from so I need to be sure that all my moves are coming from God.

When things are getting cloudy don’t think it’s you, it could simply be your peace of mind needing some quiet time with you. Digress as often as you can so you can hear what your self is trying to communicate.

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