Wake & Bake and start making sh*t happen everyday!

It’s been refreshing getting up to Wake & Bake with my text community. Around 2015 I used to send out a Monday motivational text message that spelled out everything I learned from the past weekend.

I can’t remember why I chose the weekend to recap but so many people loved those Monday messages. Years later I decided to help people get up in the morning to make sh*t happen.

Today’s message: Good Morning! You have to learn the secret sauce to winning! Having talent is 25% of it. The key is endurance. It's who shows up, shows out & make sh*t happen!

Need some Morning motivation? Join the Wake & Bake Crew by texting WAKENBAKE to 55469. If you’re signed up but not receiving my text, text WAKENBAKE to 55469 to opt back in the community!

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