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Who's America is this?

Childish Gambino (This is America)

I’ve been feeling very militant since Sunday morning. Instagram went crazy with reposting numerous clips of the “This is America” video. All the captions were “this is genius”. I then had to watch it on TV to see what made it so genius.

I learned so many things from this video:

  • People are walking around with their eyes open and minds closed

  • It has and will forever be uncomfortable for black people to be black in America until we realize WE ARE NOT THE ONES WITH THE PROBLEM

  • The solution to black on black crime is unity

  • When people don’t understand something, they make a joke about it

The powerful message about the song that I received was we just want to dance, pop mollies, be cute, and live; meanwhile society has been killing our social economics with jail, police brutality, mass murders in our CHURCHES, and continuous depression of social acceptances in our communities.

Do NOT wake up if you’re not ready for a revolution. Meaning it’s time to stop faking it until we make it and do what we’ve been called to do. Do you understand that living in your purpose will unlock doors for others in our community?

We’ve asked the black celebrities to stand up for us and let their voices be heard. Now what WE (the black people) are going to do about? It has to be more than typing “Black Lives Matter” as a caption or comment on social media.

#childishgambino #thisisamerica #letfreedomring #policebrutality #whosamericaisthis

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