Your Impact as a NextGen

My brain is fried and my heart is full. Click the link below to get a feel of my experience.

I had the pleasures of meeting and indulging from Jahleel Coleman, Peter Shankman, Kelle Wagner, James Levin, Tayo Rocketson, Evan Horowitz, Patrick Lee, and Lenny Stern among many others.

This Summit granted the opportunity to hear past failures, future plans, present challenges and how to maintain it all.

My girls and I learned so much that we went straight to the airport to create a strategic plan for our businesses.

Some takeaways that you can utilize this week...

  • "Believe much bigger much faster" - Jahleel C

  • "How about you have a backup plan for when you succeed?" - Peter Shankman

  • "People don't pay for $%&# to have a say so about my future" - Peter Shankman

  • "What purpose are you giving people?" - Patrick Lee

Development is hard because your life is forever changing. Just remember to put yourself first and stay reminded of the purpose.

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