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i'm glad you're here, welcome i'm natasha!

randomly enough I wasn't blessed with a nickname so I created a brand name that streamlines my brands and my personality. ideanaire® looks difficult but it's easy to say when I put it like this i-de-a-n-aire. genius right?! i knowww!


i'm a bad ass creative entrepreneur and a multi-business owner that is very multi-faceted with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs build ideas that connect and convert. mind you i'm also a mom that gets the struggle of balancing entrepreneurship, motherhood and a 9to5. 


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creative services

my books are now open for february 2023. let's collaborate on creativity that connects and converts to increase your bottom line. ready to grow your brand's visibility? Click link below. 

my networking apparel

my networking apparel is a clothing brand (home of the "ask me what I do" apparel) that creates networking opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs. starting out with just one powerful t-shirt slogan in 2018, it began to spark entrepreneurs to become unapologetic about marketing their brands. ready to fully promote your brand?


fck work podcast

a safe fckn space for 9to5ers looking to transition into entrepreneurship. On Fck Work but Ima Go (Fck Work Podcast) we discuss work topics like things we hate, things we can prevent, and things we can improve for PRatchet (professionally ratchet) AF 9 to 5ers! Make sure you listen to the end and bow your head for our work prayer. 

for boy moms blog

being a full-time boy mom is very special, uncomfortable and spontaneous. we're unicorns, i'm having to admit. as I navigate through how to build out this blog coming soon is boy mom lifestyle site that covers style, culture, food, travel and parenting. who knows where this platform will go but if you are a boy mom or know one that has a passion for this topic, connect us!

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